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Covenant Prayer - English


Beloved in Christ, let us again claim for ourselves this Covenant which God has made with his people, and take the yoke of Christ upon us.

To take his yoke upon us means that we are content that he appoint us our place and work, and that he himself be our reward.

Christ has many services to be done; some are easy, others are difficult; some bring honour, others bring reproach; some are suitable to our natural inclinations and material interests,  others are contrary to both.

In some we may please Christ and please ourselves, in others we cannot please Christ except by denying ourselves.  They the power to do all these things is given us in Christ, who strengthens us.

Therefore let us make this Covenant of God our own.  Let us give ourselves anew to him, trusting in his promises and relying on his grace.

The people sit or kneel.

The minister says:
Lord God, Holy Father, since you have called us through Christ to share in this gracious Covenant, we take upon ourselves with joy the yoke of obedience, and, for love of you, engage ourselves to seek and do your perfect will.

We are no longer our own, but yours:

I am no longer my own but yours. 
Put me to what you will, rank me with whom you will;
put me to doing, put me to suffering;
let me be employed for you or laid aside for you,
exalted for you or brought low for you;

let me be full, let me be empty;
let me have all things, let me have nothing; 
I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things to your pleasure and disposal.

And now, glorious and blessed God,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
you are mine and I am yours.  So be it.
And the covenant now made on earth,
let it be ratified in heaven.

The King of Love My Shepherd Is

1 The King of love my shepherd is,
whose goodness faileth never.
I nothing lack if I am his,
and he is mine forever.

2 Where streams of living water flow,
my ransomed soul he leadeth;
and where the verdant pastures grow,
with food celestial feedeth.

3 Perverse and foolish, oft I strayed,
but yet in love he sought me;
and on his shoulder gently laid,
and home, rejoicing, brought me.

4 In death's dark vale I fear no ill,
with thee, dear Lord, beside me;
thy rod and staff my comfort still,
thy cross before to guide me.

5 Thou spreadst a table in my sight;
thy unction grace bestoweth;
and oh, what transport of delight
from thy pure chalice floweth!

6 And so through all the length of days,
thy goodness faileth never;
Good Shepherd, may I sing thy praise
within thy house forever.

H. W. Baker

Come Let us all unite and Sing

Come, let us all unite and sing ---
God is love!
Let heav’n and earth 
their praises bring, ---
God is love!
Let ev’ry soul from sin awake,
Each in their heart sweet music make,
And sweetly sing for Jesus’ sake,
God is love!

Oh, tell to earth’s remotest bound, ---
God is love!
In Christ is full redemption found, ---
God is love!
His blood can cleanse our sins a way,
His Spirit turns our night to day,
And leads our souls with joy to say ---
God is love!

How happy is our portion here, ---
God is love!
His promises our spirits cheer, ---
God is love!
He is our sun and shield by day,
By night he near our tents will stay,
He will be with us all the way, ---
God is love!

In Zion we shall sing again ---
God is love!
Yes, this shall be our highest strain ---
God is love!
Whilst endless ages roll along,
In concert with the heavenly throng,
This shall be still our sweetest song ---
God is love!

Howard Kingsbury

Let all the world in every corner sing

Verse 1
Let all the world in every corner sing
My God and King
The heavens are not too high
His praise may thither fly
The earth is not too low
His praises there may grow
Let all the world in every corner sing
My God and King

Verse 2
Let all the world in every corner sing
My God and King
The church with psalms must shout
No door can keep them out
But above all the heart
Must bear the longest part
Let all the world in every corner sing
My God and King

H&P 10
George Herbert

Father Hear the Prayer we Offer

1 Father, hear the prayer we offer:
not for ease that prayer shall be,
but for strength that we may ever
live our lives courageously.

2 Not for ever in green pastures
do we ask our way to be;
but the steep and rugged pathway
may we tread rejoicingly.

3 Not for ever by still waters
would we idly rest and stay;
but would smite the living fountains
from the rocks along our way.

4 Be our strength in hours of weakness,
in our wanderings be our guide;
through endeavour, failure, danger,
Father, be thou at our side.

5 Let our path be bright or dreary,
Storm or sunshine be our share;
May our souls, in hope unweary,
Make Thy work our ceaseless prayer

Love Maria Willis, 1824-1908

X284 Sobeka phi na, Thixo,

X284 Sobeka phi na, Thixo,

1 Sobeka phi na, Thixo,

Singabeki kuWe?

Soncedwa ngubani na,

Singancedwa nguWe?

Wadala thina Bantu,

Weenza iinto zonke;

Umise nenkululo,

Sisindiswe sonke.  


We are saved to serve you.

2 Akukho ngxako kuWe,

Unamandla onke;

Akukho nkohla kuWe,

Unokwazi konke.

Silondoloze, Bawo,

Ngaloo mandla aKho;

Sikhanyisele, Bawo,

Ngoko kwazi kwaKho.


You know everything father.

You can save us.

3 Siphahle ngezibele

Kolu hambo lwethu;

Sisize endleleni

Ngokuswela kwethu.

Sixhase ekufeni,

Singahlehli kuWe,

Samkele ezulwini

Ngosimnikwe nguWe.   AMEN


Protect us on our journey.

Lead us to heaven.

X226 Akukho kugwetywa,

X226 Akukho kugwetywa,
Romans 8:1

Akukho kugwetywa,
Kuye okuKristu;
Ongahambi ngokwenyama,
Lodwa ngokoMoya.
There is no judgment in Christ.

Akukho kugwetya,
Koxolelw izoono;
Uphumile ekufeni,
Ungen' ebomini.
There is no condemnation,
My sins are forgiven,
I have life in Christ.

Akukho kugwetywa,
Kozelwe ngokutsha;
Kuba ukhululwe yena,
Kumandla okoona.
There is no more judgment
I'm born again,
We are delivered in God's power.

Akukho kugwetywa,
Kozelwe nguMoya;
Uhamba ekukhanyeni,
Uya ezulwini.
There is no condemnation
For those born of the Spirit.
We walk in the light to heaven.

Akukho kugwetywa,
Othembela egazini,
LoYesu kuuphela.
There is no judgment 
for those who trust in Jesus blood.

Thixo onguBawo,
Thixo onguNyana,
Le nyaniso yinqhinele,
Moya oyingNgcwele.  Amen.
This is the truth of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.