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X183 Nkosi ndive ngezibele, Lord I hear of showers of blessing

X183 Nkosi! Ndive ngezibele,
MHB321 Lord, I hear of showers of blessing

1 Nkosi! Ndive ngezibele,
Ezesisa, ezobom;
Ozigalelayo Wena,
Ma zifike zize kum, zize kum.
Lord, I hear of showers of blessing,
thou art scattering full and free;
showers the thirsty land refreshing;
let some drops now fall on me; even me.

2 Ndingadlulwa Nkosi, Bawo!
Ndingashiywa, Nkosi yam!
Ndinezoono entliz'yweni,
Kodwa noko yiza kum, Yiza kum.
Pass me not, O God, my Father,
sinful though my heart may be;
thou mightst leave me, but the rather;
let thy mercy light on me; Even me.

3 Ndingadlulwa, Msindisi!
Ndingalahlwa, Nkosi yam!
Uya biza, ndiya nqwena,
Z'undibize ndize nam, Ndize nam.
Pass me not, O gracious Savior,
let me live and cling to thee;
I am longing for thy favor;
whilst th'art calling, O call me; Even me.

4 Ndingadlulwa, Moy' oNgcwele!
Ndingashiywa, Nkosi yam!
Ma ndibone mna mfama,
Theth' ilizwi phezu kwam, Phezu kwam.
Pass me not, O mighty Spirit!
thou canst make the blind to see;
Witnesser of Jesus' merit,
speak the word of power to me; Even me.

5 Olo thando lwaKho, Thixo!
Elo gazi, Nkosi yam!
Izibele zaKho zonke,
Ma zihlale apha kum, Apha kum. AMEN.
6 Love of God, so pure and changeless,
blood of Christ, so rich and free;
grace of God, so strong and boundless
magnify them all in me; Even me. AMEN.