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X116 Lizalis' idinga lakho

X116 Lizalis' idinga lakho

(Auth. Tiyo Soga)

1. Lizalis' idinga laKho,

Thixo, nKosi yenyaniso!

Zonk' intlanga, zonk' izizwe,

Ma zizuze usindiso.


To your promises appealing,

Lord of this and every Nation,

God of truth,  whose word brings healing

Show us now your great salvation

2. Amadolo  kweli lilizwe,

Ma kagobe phambi kwaKho;

Zide zithi zonk' iilwimi,

Ziluxel' udumo lwaKho.


Every knee must bend before you

And this land of many races

In our varied tongues adore you

With your radiance on our faces

3. Law'la, law'la,   Nkosi, Yesu!

Koza nga We ukonwaba:

Ngeziphithi-phithi zethu,

Yonakele imihlaba.


By you gracious reign, Lord Jesus

By your gift of true contentment

From our enemy  release us;

Set us free from our resentment

4. Bona izwe lakowethu,

Uxolel' izoono zalo;

Ungathob'ingqumbo yaKho,

Luze luf' usapho lwalo.


In your mercy spare each city

Blotting out our dark oppressions;

On our children, in your pity

Visit not, Lord, our transgressions.

5.  Yaala, nKosi, singadeli

Iimfundiso zezwi laKho;

Uze usivuselele,

Sive inyaniso yaKho.


Lord your Word at first disturbs us

In your name we learn obedience

Holy Spirit now renew us

Let your truth reveal your guidance.

(6.) Nkosi, khawusikelele

Imfundiso zezwe lethu;

Uze usivuselele,

Siphuthume ukulunga


Grant us, Lord, to toil untiring;

Bless the message we are giving;

In our heart new joy inspiring

Strengthen us for Christian living

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