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Liturgy: Communion (SImple)


The people stand:
Give voice to your gladness, People of God:
We celebrate and praise the Lord of our love.

Let the fire of God's Spirit fill us again:
With the light of God's Word, with the passion of God's heart and with the strength of God's hand.

God, our Hope and treasure, we open ourselves to You in worship, and we find joy in bringing You our praise.  For You ignited life within us: 
You formed us to be like You, and when, in sin, we betrayed You and our true selves You became human, giving life to rekindle us.

We join with all creation to praise 
You to give You thanks and offer 
You our devotion.

In this moment we remember that, as the darkness of death drew closer around Jesus, He shared His last supper with His friends. And taking the bread, he blessed it.  Then He passed it among them with these words:
"This is my body, given for you".

When the meal was finished, taking the cup, Jesus blessed it and passed it among them with these words:
"This is my blood, poured out for you."

Now, as friends, we gather to eat this bread, to drink from his cup, and to remember this self-giving love of Christ. 
 And we will keep doing this to proclaim Jesus' death and resurrection, until He returns.

Seated or Kneeling we Pray:
Lord, we come to this table recognizing that You are an all-consuming fire.  We acknow-ledge that there is much in us that is simply chaff; to be taken by the flames.  

There is much in us that is cold, weak and dark, longing for You to breathe Your spark into us again.  So feed us, inspire us and ignite us through this passionate meal.  
For Jesus' sake . 
We Share the Bread and the Wine
We pray together:

We thank You God for nourishing us in the body and soul through this meal; for igniting the fire of Your Spirit in our hearts again and for calling us to carry the torch of Your love into the world .   

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