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X011 Belelani kuYehova

X11 Bulelani kuYeho

1. Bulelani kuYehova,

Kuba elungile;

Kuba ububele baKhe,



O praise the Lord, for he is good;

his mercy lasteth ever. (Psalm 118:1)

2. Makatsho amaSirayeli,

Iindlu zawo zonke,

Athi ububele baKhe



Let those of Israel now say,

His mercy faileth never. (Psalm 118:2)

3. Ndamemeza kuYehova,


Wandinceda wandibeka

Endawen' ebanzi 


I in distress call'd on the Lord;

the Lord did answer me:

He in a large place did me set,

from trouble made me free. 

(Psalm 118:5)

4. Ingecala lam iNkosi,


Ingasuka ithi ni na

Lento umntu kumi? 


The mighty Lord is on my side,

I will not be afraid;

For any thing that man can do

I shall not be dismay'd. (Psalm 118:6)

5. Ingecala lam iNkosi,


Indincede ngokumnandi



The Lord doth take my part with them

that help to succour me:

Therefore on those that do me hate

I my desire shall see. (Psalm 118:7)

6. Ukuthemba uYehova,

Nokuphepha ngaYe

Kuko okulungileyo

Kungathenjwa bantu 


Better it is to trust in God

than trust in man's defence;

Better to trust in God than make

princes our confidence. (Psalm 118:8-9)

7. Ma ndisinde ngaWe Nkosi,


Mandiphumle ngaWe Nkosi:

Undithamsanqele. AMEN!


God my salvation is become,

my strength and song is he. 

Give thanks to God, for he is good:

his mercy lasts always. (Psalm 118:14)

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